(last updated: December 8, 2013)

Paul Belanger and Genevieve Young, with the help and contributions of Bob Raynolds, have been leading a study group at the Denver Museum of Natural Science (DMNS), with thanks due to Kirk Johnson since the fall of 2006. The group initially started as a global warming study group for geologists, but morphed to cover a much greater range of topics. Paul, a research associate of the Museum of Nature and Science, has a research background in paleoclimate using foraminiferal microfossils and stable isotopes to generate data to interpret past climates. The meeting format waned off and but the group continued to grow and is now a Yahoo discussion group (since September 2009): http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DenverClimateStudygroup/.

This is a closed group; please go to the site if interested and see the information there on how to contact me, or email me - contact information at the bottom of this page.

We originally posted all talks, links and attachments at Elk Resources website. That no longer being available to us I personally try to keep up this website and sub-pages up-to-date with pertinent articles/links associated with the ongoings of the discussion group. Please continue to scroll to look at attachments/links and more information about our group.


  • IPCC reports
  • Methane
  • Geologic history of CO2
  • PETM (Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum) as a natural analogue to present day, man-made increases in CO2 in the atmosphere
  • Arctic coring expedition (ACEX)
  • Azolla event in the late Eocene that set the stage for the late Cenozoic glacial stages
  • Alternative energy solutions: PV, CSP, Wind, Geothermal
  • Resource issues, global and domestic
  • Solar Variability
  • Role of clouds
  • Peak Oil
  • Geoengineering
  • Biochar and its potential to an agricultural revolution as well as a potential sequestration "tool"
  • Sequestration potential for CO2 / Colorado's role
  • Sources and Solutions: energy and otherwise
  • Future climates - beyond man
  • ADDITIONALLY: we've compiled and collected PowerPoints and published articles, with author permissions, of other talks related to these themes - from the Rocky Mountain association of Geologists (RMAG), the American Association of Geologists (AAPG), Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA), Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS), American Solar Energy Society (ASES), Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES), Association for the study of Peak oil and gas (ASPO), as well as excerpts from RealClimate.org & Skeptical Science.com
  • CONTRIBUTORS have come from NCAR/UCAR, , NOAA, Colorado School of Mines, University of Colorado, USGS, Colorado Geological Survey, DMNS, and private industry/persons, state Geologists, Weatherman-Scientists
  • INCLUDED are folders of data and information on the Arctic, Coal, CO2, Biochar, incomplete compendium of emails, ethanol, IPCC reports (partial), NAS, Oceanography, Other-Misc (including the Arctic Azolla event), Schneider, Senate hearings, Trenberth's talks, Water vapor, Paleoclimates symposium (partial), Zachos - PETM


Recent Talks Given at WIPS Symposium and Secular Hub: "Forcing Agents Affecting Climate Change and why AGW is a real concern" , March and June, 2013 - and available to give elsewhere; by Paul Belanger, Ph.D. Research Associate, Denver Museum of Nature and Science:


PRELUDE COMMENT: The talk is about forcing agents affecting climate change through geologic history, the data and evidence for climate change through Geologic time. In that context I will discuss why Man's activities create forcing agents to climate change are at a rate of change rare in geologic time and why it should be of concern to sustainability and of potential disruption to our socio-economic lifestyle. We should not be discussing whether we are causing climate change or not, but rather have a non-partisan dialogue about how should we respond and plan for the future.

If you want me to give this talk or something on climate change to your organization please contact me at pebelanger@glassdesignresources.com




We plan renewing our talk series in the upcoming months at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in 2013-2014: Richard Alley, Mike Nelson, Kirk Johnson, Mark Serreze, possibly John Fielder - more coming

Talks and data will be archived at this site: http://www.denverclimatestudygroup.com/

Please contact Paul Belanger AT pebelanger@glassdesignresources.com IF YOU WISH to get on the email contact list