OLLI course blog 2015 and now at OLLI central Spring 2016

7 Oct

1/21/2016 – I’ll be teaching this course for OLLI at OLLI central at DU – more to follow

2015 information:

“Earth’s Climate; past, present and future and reasons for concern” Fall 2015; click on OLLI tab above for details/links

My course description can be found here

My syllabus can be found here

Book: What we know about Climate change by Kerry Emanuel

 p.75-76; comment on p. 75 to

“…we could elect and do nothing and gamble on a benign outcome. But if we are wrong we will saddle our grandchildren and their descendents (sic) with enormous problems. At the other, we could make serious economic and other tangible sacrifices that might prove unnecessary.”

e.g. curb use of fossil fuels independent of climate/GHGs issues: At what point do we encourage alternative energy sources, despite some greater cost to us now, let’s bank it for our children

 which leads to this quote on p. 76:

“…costs may be high and those paying them are not likely to be serious beneficiaries of their own actions. Indeed, there are few, if any, historical examples of civilizations consciously making sacrifices on behalf of descendents (sic) two or more generations removed.”

That’s what the discount rate is about. In that regard we need a social paradigm shift

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