OLLI – WEEK 1/2015

OLLI Week 1, September 15th, 2015: Introduction; the difference between weather and climate; how Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) work.

Belanger OLLI week1 final-PPTX; Belanger OLLI week1 final-PDF

GHGs and selected slides-DELAYERED – PPTX; GHGs and selected slides- PDF

Handout #1 Denial101x HOW GHGs work

Handout #2 Solar heat budget modified

Link to video on How GHGs work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we8VXwa83FQ; complementary link video by Bill Nye “CLIMATE 101” WITH BILL NYE (thank you Kathy Doyle)


VIDEO: How the climate system works and regulates itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrPS2HiYVp8

What factors determine Earth’s climate:

–See IPCC-AR5 (2013-2014)  tab on my  web page: the IPCC REPORTS: https://denverclimatestudygroup.com/?page_id=63

Mentioned in class: Skeptical Science Debunking Handbook:

The Handbook explores the surprising fact that debunking myths can sometimes reinforce the myth in peoples’ minds. Communicators need to be aware of the various backfire effects and how to avoid them, such as:

It also looks at a key element to successful debunking: providing an alternative explanation. The Handbook is designed to be useful to all communicators who have to deal with misinformation (eg – not just climate myths).

debunking handbook image



Global warming pause (or not) http://www.skepticalscience.com/blind-test-economists-no-pause.html