OLLI-week 3 2014, National Ice Core Lab, Fed Center

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OLLI – week 3, September 30, 2014

Field trip to National Ice Core Lab

Link: National Ice Core Laboratory

Welcome to our third class Tuesday September 30th – field trip 9-12


Week 3 syllabus:


  • PowerPoint that Richard Nunn showed us 9/302014: so far unable to upload (32 MB max size) since it is 227,482 KB – bring flash drive and I can give you a copy next class. It’s so large because it includes the embedded videos.
  • GO HERE FOR PDF “SLIDES”: in PDF format of the PowerPoint but smaller file size; I’m asking for on online link/stay tuned: click here
  • week 3 email #1 SENT 10/2/2014 (OLLI climate change week3 email1)

NICL – Video gallery link: How to drill a two-mile ice core – and more: http://www.waisdivide.unh.edu/multimedia/video.shtml

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