Fracking/Methane Issues

FRACKING: caught between a rock and a hard place (a choice between coal for electric energy or natural gas with it’s fugitive methane gas issues

This page started September 2014 because of a fracking forum I moderated 10/6/2014 in order to put information about fracking from: published/peer reviewed articles, media, and industry.

Details of that Forum moved to the bottom of this page to give room for updates and publications.

THE LATEST update:

  • Denver post, Sunday 11/16/2014 – front range assessment – from the bottom up and from the top down: DP 2014-11-16 DIRTY AIR


BELOW are links to some articles of potential interest; I post them without ANY intended bias and it is just my attempt to represent both sides as well as peer reviewed articles I’ve come across; it is by no means complete and you can post information/links in the comment section of the home page where there is fracking dialogue.



AGU: 2014 Methane Leakage Eagle Ford and Bakken

AGU US methane leakage

AAAS/Science Magazines articles:

Proceedings National Academy of Sciences (PNAS):

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG) : 

Industry Points of view:

FRACKING FORUM: Risks and Rewards

Occurred on Monday October 6th, 2014 7p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (doors open 6 p.m.); about 80 people participated. Thank you all as well as  Harv Teitelbaum and John Harpole for coming to discuss the topic.

Comments are being posted on the home page under the Fracking Blog. There is also a subpage drop-down where I will post Q/A, fact findings and replies from John H and Harv T and other pertinent comments. Slides of the forum are posted/linked below

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