ABOUT THE DENVER CLIMATE STUDY GROUP (DCSG): In 2006, Paul Belanger and Genevieve Young, with the help and contributions of Bob Raynolds, have been leading a study group at the Denver Museum of Natural Science (DMNS), with thanks due to Kirk Johnson since the fall of 2006. The group initially started as a global warming study group for geologists, but morphed to cover a much greater range of topics. Paul has a research background in paleoclimate using foraminiferal microfossils and stable isotopes to generate data to interpret past climates. The meeting format waned off and but the group continued to grow and is now a Yahoo discussion group (since September 2009): http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DenverClimateStudygroup/(MORE)

Where to next? New tabs/new focus – same name. Re-developed this page to something more useful: current information on climate, energy, sustainability, a new more-appropriate named website? Ideas welcome; please contact Paul Belanger at pebelanger@glassdesignresources.com or call 303-249-7966.  In July of 2019, David Takahashi joined the DCSG as it transforms into DCSG 2.0!

This page is being reorganized and thus many old links have not yet been transferred. For old links that I may not have re-organized I refer you to my old page at https://denverclimatestudygroup.com/archive

How it started  (RMAG article, September 2007)

Belanger-CV 2014 – Paul Belanger CV

*Disclaimer: Any views expressed here are the result of my study, education and research.