OLLI WEEK 8/2016

 WEEK 8: Wednesday May 18th , 9:30-11:30 a.m.: Solutions, part B; conclusion

OUTLINE:  week 7 in black; week 8 in red

SLIDES  Belanger week 8 2016 economics and solutions – pdf (pptx too big)

  • Economics
    • of doing nothing (solely adapting) vs. the economics of mitigation
    • Actual will likely be a combination
  • Capitalism, GDP/growth based economics vs. “Herman Daly” economics (no-growth/steady-state)
  • Solutions? Paradigm shift? From we can’t/too expensive to WE CAN
  • There is promise, but at what cost? (One might be surprised).
    • Energy
    • Mitigation – Agricultural revolution/biofuels: Biochar for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)
  • Geoengineering:
    • Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and
    • Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)
  • Biochar vs. BECCS solutions SEE MY BIOCHAR LINK IN OTHER PAGES: – (click here)
  • Efficiency – the single quickest way to reduce:
  • Other strategies:
    • CCL – carbon fee/dividend
    • Cap and trade?
  • Gloom and Doom? NO! IT’S A CHALLENGE, and humanity has always been challenged and we are an adaptable species that has met the challenge over and over again

SLIDES  Belanger week 8 2016 economics and solutions – pdf (pptx too big)


NAS Climate Intervention: Preface and links (Click here); detailed reports below:

BIOCHAR (aka Terra Preta):


VIDEO ON NIMBY: by Dr. Patrick Devine-Wright showed in class: no public videos but several articles by him – google him and see what you find. The little I found:

Future Adaptation issues: sustainability

Other class coverage: related to AR5/WGII:

§  II: IPCC CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT/Working Group II (WGII): Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability – volume 2, April 2014; especially see:

Summary for Policymakers (SPM)


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