December 20,  2016:

Happy Holidays from New Energy Colorado (NECO), 501c3 DONATION REQUEST:; Facebook:

  • At present NECO has been started to primarily educate and help COSEIA, , in the support of their efforts to represent the solar energy industry at PUC hearings when the customer supported proposals generated by the Goliath utility known as Xcel makes their unilateral proposals.
  • Why?
    • The future is electric
    • The future is renewables
    • The future is clean energy; imagine Denver without a brown cloud
    • It’s carbon free
    • It’s now a cheaper form of energy
    • It’s environmental
    • It’s responsible
    • It’s thinking 10,000 years out!
  • Support Golden Solar and sustainability tour – first weekend October


October 2014 – Energy: a game changer?

BIG ENERGY NEWS – FUSION: Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project: See and

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