* 3/19/2015: NOAA Global Analysis about significant climate anomalies – February 2015

 * 12/22/2014: TWO positive black swans/potential game changers -update:

1. ENERGY (see more on Energy tabBIG ENERGY NEWS – FUSION: Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project: See and

comment from Ron Larson (with permission): “The lead person is a Dr. Thomas McGuire, talking in a video. I am hoping for their success – and for moving faster than they are projecting.Their claim is they are predicting success because they are going smaller than previous fusion programs.  I like that.  If successful, they can replace a lot of renewables in the electrical market area.  But decentralized solar could be unaffected if the fusion costs aren’t very very low (I have seen nothing on fusion costs – but they could be quite low if as small as they project for 100,000 population size).   They can do a lot of thermal loads, but not the small ones.  They will be doing little in replacing most fuel needs – but they are targeting airplanes.

All in all – good news for replacing fossil fuels.  Makes it much easier for renewables to replace the remainder.
Interesting to me because they claim they are duplicating the sun.  Also, part of my analytical background is in plasmas.”

2. MITIGATION – Carbon negative technology: (see more on OTHER tab – BIOCHAR)

* 12/3/2014: New Climate Initiative (see more on Climate tab – under development)

 * November 2014: Fracking/Methane: (see more on Fracking/Methane tab)

METHANE: FUGITIVE GASES: NASA – Methane hot spot Northern New Mexico (at issue – maps do not agree):

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