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*7/17/2015: Is there a mini ice age on the way as claimed by various denier sites stirring the pot (e.g. here)? See SkS post: No – it’s just another attempt to throw a curve ball your way – and not the first time: No, the sun isn’t going to save us from global warming Posted on 16 July 2015 by dana1981

7/13/2015: OLLI WEST Course announcement: Earth’s climate: past, present and future and reasons for concern:
Description and syllabus available at

and you might also be interested in an OLLI South class Capilalism vs. Planet Earth by Gary or OLLI South Fall 2015capitalism vs the planet

ALSO: Making Sense of Climate Science Denial — a self-paced MOOC course

7/7/2015 — A: Colorado Matters: Could Conservative Denver Billionaire (Phil Anschutz) Become West’s Climate Hero?

It’s an argument of engaging energy companies vs. “dissing” them for renewables. See more at:

excerpt: “This will generate four times the amount of power that comes out of Hoover Dam. It would supply every household in Los Angeles and San Francisco combined with green power.”

* 7/7/2015 — B: Pope’s encyclical 2015.05.24 papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si – read it – it’s NOT just about climate change!

And a commentary by Peter Sawtell: The Encyclical and Bold Dialogue:

6/6/2015: Science publishes new NOAA analysis: Data show no recent slowdown in global warming.


SUMMARY article in Science: lost and found; Earth’s missing heatCarolyn Gramling, June 6, 2015 Science-2015-Gramling-1066-7click here

FULL length article in Science: Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus, Karl et al., June 5, 2015 Science-2015-Karl-science.aaa5632 click here

* 6/2/2015 – The backfire effect; what happens when you challenge people on their worldview be it climate change, evolution, weapons of mass destruction, vaccinations, fracking: View this YouTube video:

SOLUTION?: According to the lecture, “the evidence tells us that neutralising [the negative effect of misconceptions] won’t happen through engagement with the minority who deny climate science. Instead, it requires communication with the large, undecided majority. For this group, who are open to evidence, we need to explain two things – the science of climate change, and how that science can be distorted.” This means that the best way to approach individuals who are undecided about climate change is to talk to them about the science first and then explain the distortion of that science(supportive slides – click here).

* 5/27/2015: Is there a warming slow-down? see post Skeptical Science: Making sense of the slowdown in surface global cooling. Excerpt: 

“The slowdown in global warming is a subject of intense study. Is it a real physical effect, or a few chance cool years, or something more complex? Could it have been predicted? Can we understand it in retrospect? The following lecture and commentary from the Denial101x course attempt to summarize recent work on the subject. However it is a very fast-moving field, so this summary can only cover a small fraction of the material and will quickly become out-of-date (if it is not already so).” read on for extensive discussion
and video.


* 5/20/2015: Making sense of climate denial:

I’m in the 3rd week (to date of the 4th week; 7 total). You can download the video, transcripts and handouts. 

I encourage all to at least look at week one, An overview of the climate controversy focusing on the consensus, psychology of denial and the spread of denial - the most tedious but I think the most rewarding. The others will be most factual to counter the things that are constantly misused to confuse and deceive the public for what are clearly political and ideological reasons – NOT scientific ones! Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

personal comment: “It’s time we all realize that yes, oil and gas helped us achieve what we have but it’s time and necessary to move on and step up to the plate for the next energy phase of humanity – for environmental, economic (we do eventually run out – ok – if not “run out” then non-economic), sustainable reasons.”

Triggered by Desmogblog email link whereby CERA “One of this year’s CERAweek themes was a “Turning Point for the Global Oil Industry.”  However, the turning point discussed was not how to deal with the impact of oil production and consumption on the climate, but instead on how to deal with all the new fracked oil coming out of the U.S. — and how to increase that production.”

* 5/5/2015: new post: Bjorn Lomborg on “It’s time to stop subsidizing fossil fuels” – click here; ….

Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies is an obvious target for the world’s next development goals. The world spends $548 billion subsidizing fossil fuels,

* 5/4/2015: new post: Why Climate Denial science is just hot air


* 4/20/2015:

* Artificial Photosynthesis Advance Hailed As Major Breakthrough – click here – a new game changer?

* Apple is continuing to take a strong stance against climate change, writing in its newly released 2015 Environmental Responsibility Report, “We don’t want to debate climate change. We want to stop it.”

 * 4/15/2015: The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point; renewables overtake new fossil fuel capacity (original post from Yahoo disappeared so here’s one from Bloomberg 7/13/2015).

* 4/13/2015: April 23rd: “Earth Day Commemoration: Divest from the Old Way and Re-Invest in the New Way” –  Click here for details

A little humor: What if we create a better world

*4/10/2015 – update to Methane maps at bottom of this page:

*4/10/2015: A series on climate change worth watching. The climate change issues are not so much about climate change as much as how it affects our sustainability and economic way of life:

* PART 1: Climate Science: What You Need To Know (You Tube: 7.5 mins): click here

Related (but much longer: 1 hour and 1/2):What We KNOW About Climate Change – Kerry Emanuel

* PART 2: FEATURED AT OUR GATHERING: A History of Earth’s Climate (YouTube: 6 mins) – click here

Related (but much longer: 1 hour), 4/13/2015 new post: Hour long lecture at Rutgers by George Marshall – click here

*The Sixth Extinction (9 mins):

*4/9/2015: A History of Earth’s Climate – click here YouTube 11 minutes

Published on May 27, 2013: Earth had a climate long before we showed up and started noticing it and it’s influenced by a whole series of cycles that have been churning along for hundreds of millions of years. In most cases those cycles will continue long after we’re gone. A look at the history of climate change on Earth can give us some much needed perspective on our current climate dilemma because the surprising truth is, what we’re experiencing now is different than anything this planet has encountered before. So, let’s take a stroll down Climate History Lane and see if we can find some answers to a question that’s been bugging Hank a lot lately – just how much hot water are we in?

 *4/6/2015: Have a look at a new Yale study on climate change:

* 3/30/2015: Allen Best’s Energy Potential; interview with Stanford’s Sally Benson: Denver Post link or Alan Best pdf. See more on Allen’s web page

3/19/2015: NOAA Global Analysis about significant climate anomalies – February 2015

 * 12/22/2014: TWO positive black swans/potential game changers -update:

1. ENERGY (see more on Energy tabBIG ENERGY NEWS – FUSION: Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project: See and

comment from Ron Larson (with permission): “The lead person is a Dr. Thomas McGuire, talking in a video. I am hoping for their success – and for moving faster than they are projecting.Their claim is they are predicting success because they are going smaller than previous fusion programs.  I like that.  If successful, they can replace a lot of renewables in the electrical market area.  But decentralized solar could be unaffected if the fusion costs aren’t very very low (I have seen nothing on fusion costs – but they could be quite low if as small as they project for 100,000 population size).   They can do a lot of thermal loads, but not the small ones.  They will be doing little in replacing most fuel needs – but they are targeting airplanes.

All in all – good news for replacing fossil fuels.  Makes it much easier for renewables to replace the remainder.
Interesting to me because they claim they are duplicating the sun.  Also, part of my analytical background is in plasmas.”

2. MITIGATION – Carbon negative technology: (see more on OTHER tab – BIOCHAR)

* 12/3/2014: New Climate Initiative (see more on Climate tab – under development)

 * November 2014: Fracking/Methane: (see more on Fracking/Methane tab)

update 4/10/2015 – see

METHANE: FUGITIVE GASES: NASA – Methane hot spot Northern New Mexico (at issue – maps do not agree):

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